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Welcome to the page to learn about ClicketyClickContent! Join us, as a client, in our mission. Meet our content creators, and join us in our Pachamama Initiative. We care for our planet while we work!


ClicketyClickContent aspires to form, as part of our livelihood, proactive relationships geared toward developing quality content for our clients, while providing rounding out or promising new talent by encouraging developing freelancers’ to pursue professional, healthy lifestyles.

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Our Content Creators

We like copywriting, and we outsource much of our other creative and technical work. Take a look at our core pros:

Lead Copywriter, Jeffrey Bacon

… writes most of our own website and blog copy. He also markets, manages content, and recruits new clients and projects. Check out Bacon’s portfolio page.

Assistant Copywriter, Ann Hong

… does a lot our ghostwriting. She currently does not maintain a portfolio on the site, out of respect for non-disclosure agreements with our clients. But she’s the gal!

Computer Graphics Specialist, currently vacant … 

Nando had an offer he couldn’t refuse and that we couldn’t beat! More power to you bud! We miss you, but we’re cheering you on!


Our Pachamama Initiative

The word, Pachamama, comes, with a Spanish twist, from the idea of the “World Mother” in the Inca culture. We don’t know, really, how the ancient Incas used the word, so our initiative embraces it in a broad, modern, multicultural sense.

We, as individuals who’ve joined together at ClicketyClickContent, have worked, during much of the last half a century, with organizations and businesses associated with conservation of natural resources, including biodiversity, and proactive, social compassion. We practice, in our main office and home, on-site greywater utilization, organic waste conversion to soil conditioner, and repurposing of containers, packing material, and other solid residuals that happen onto our work site. We likewise strive to collaborate with students and other individuals who demonstrate talent and proactive attitudes within our profession and area of influence, encouraging, as we can, healthy, happy lifestyles that keep our Pachamama in mind with every key we click and every step we take.

Our blog provides free, informational posts, directed at young, aspiring content providers. We hope that we encourage others to pursue this lifestyle because it has gifted us with the joy of nestling with Pachamama as part of a healthy, minimal footprint livelihood.

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