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Jeffrey Bacon

Lead ClicketyClickContent Copywriter Jeffrey Bacon has been writing and publishing since 1981, and he served as a lead editor, peer reviewer, and editorial committee member during much of his academic career. As a professor and research scientist, he wrote research papers for journals and technical reports for natural resource management agencies. Today he has a different focus and likes working as an SEO copywriter, content manager, blogger, ghostwriter, article writer, and coordinating ClicketyClickContent‘s project acquisition, development, and management. Check out some of his copywriting portfolio, below, and take a look at his Copywriter’s Resume

Copywriting and Content Management Focus

  • copywriting search engine optimized (SEO) content;
  • social media management (SMM);
  • blogging;
  • article writing;
  • ghostwriting; and
  • project acquisition, development, and management

There are no portfolio websites.


Publications and Content Management

Guest-Authored, Online Articles

  1. Benzinga recently published an article of mine, entitled, “The Politics Of Sunshine: Trump Pulling Out Of Paris.” ( )
  2. You can see my most recent publication on StockHouse, “Decision time for small cap uranium stocks,” (
  3. My work on MexConnect has been written in a friendly style that new website visitors might appreciate:
    1. “Reborn in the temazcal: A traditional native Mexican-American purification ceremony,” ( covers therapeutic spiritual ceremonies practiced by Mexican natives.
    2. “Going native: gardens in Mexico become more Mexican,” (
    3. “Wildflower Hunting in Durango,” (

Social Media Management (SMM)

  1. Copywriter Jeffrey Bacon‘s social media work includes writing copy and managing, via HootSuite, since 2014. The work is protected by a non-disclosure agreement, but you can contact Jeffrey, via email, to see it:

Invited Keyword-Rich SEO Copy Blog Posts

  1. Aina Real Estate used my Search Engine Optimized (SEO) copy, and, although it no longer maintains the blog, I keep copies on file: 
    1. “Prune Your Green Energy Portfolio” (
    2. “Solar Stock Investment Opportunities for 2015” (
    3. “Green Rehab” (
    4. “Foreign Real Estate: Taiwan” (
  2. Bacon worked on a large project with TurquoiseSkies, and, again, their informal, friendly style worked well with its target audience. You can see my work online …
    1. The Significance of Turquoise in Native American Culture” (;
    2. The American Indians of the Laguna Pueblo” (;
    3. The Zuni People, Shiwi’ma” (;
    4. Native American Use of Coral in Jewelry” (;
    5. Dine Bikeyah: Land and History of The Navajo Tribe” (;
    6. The Turquoise Look: Color and Pattern” (;  

Blogs and Blogging

  1. Blogger, Jeffrey Bacon generates more formal content that includes references for ClicketyClickContent‘s blog. Here, he put together pieces on the …
    1. Food and Drug Administration’s (FDA) warning letters to dietary supplement retailers – “What are FDA Warning Letters?” ( );
    2. DSHEA Compliant Marketing” (, which discusses the importance of complying with FDA regulations in blogs, web pages, social media, and advertising.

Authored, Traditional, Paper Magazine Articles

  1. The Mindful Trader” appeared, first, in print form, as the cover feature article, in the traditional paper print magazine, in Technical Analysis of Stocks & Commodities magazine. Later, as an online, limited access article (


Copywriter Jeffrey Bacon on UpWork

Copywriter Jeffrey Bacon likes working with UpWork Clients, so please take a look at his UpWork Profile “Overview,” video, and “Portfolio”) for more examples and ratings from his UpWork clients: He especially enjoys …

  • investment-related copywriting;
  • blogging at InTheTemazcal and ClicketyClickContent;
  • FDA-DSHEA compliant copywriting about herbal dietary supplements; and
  • ghost-writing on SEO, marketing, freelancing, copywriting, SMM, and other subjects interesting to businesses online.


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