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The word, “copy,” refers to newsworthy or publishable text, and, a copywriter writes newsworthy, publishable quality text. If you want to learn more about copy and publishing it online, check out our blog post, entitled, “Copy vs. Text vs. Content.”

What is copy?
“printable or newsworthy.”

Want the Best Copy?

Expect the best from your copywriter. Expect …

  • … proactive collaboration; 
  • copy that will attract, keep, and engage site visitors to help you meet your business goals;
  • compliant, original, research-backed, well-written content that tells clients that you are trustworthy; and
  • quality content on original ideas and re-writes with improved organization, tone, focus, and wording. 


What is a Copywriter?

At ClicketyClickContent the “copywriter,” or writer, generates the copy, or text. We deliver it in the form of a formal manuscript, word processing file, or another text document in the format that you request it.


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Best Copywriter

ClicketyClickContent wants the best copywriter on your project. The best gives you copy that’s …

  • … clean,
  • original,
  • well-written,
  • focused,
  • concise, and
  • technically correct.

When you have the best copy, ClicketyClickContent has done its job.

Find the best copywriter for your business goals.
The best writer.

Quality Text

ClicketyClickContent develops quality copy. Aside from providing you human-crafted texts from the best writers, we assure that our clients receive quality text. We use state-of-the-art technology, reviewing texts and posts with a number of tools:

  1. Copyscape Premium™ assures you a plagiarism-free document.
  2. Grammarly™ grading checks grammar and style for error-free text.
  3. PerfectIt Consistency Checker™ guarantees consistent word usage.
  4. ProofreadBot™  checks grammar and style in a slightly different manner.
  5. The Flesch Reading Ease test, via Yoast™, determines your document’s readability.
  6. ProWritingAid™ also to check grammar and style … just a little different from our other checkers.
  7. For Search Engine Optimized (SEO) texts, we like to work directly in WordPress™, with Yoast Premium™;
  8. We also use other tools for SEO, including, 
    1. Google Webmaster Tools™,
    2. Fetch As Google™,
    3. PageSpeed Insights™, 
    4. Check My Links™,
    5. SEO Report Card™,
    6. HubSpot’s Website Grader™,
    7. Found’s SEO Audit Tool™; and
    8. Finally, review by a Hubspot Inbound Marketing™Certified copywriter assures goal-oriented quality.
  9. Our Search Engine Optimized (SEO) texts attract visitors to your site where they can learn about your passion, product, or policy. You can use it with your backlinks and buttons to call them to action.


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Hire a Copywriter

If you have specific copy needs, tell us what kind of text you need and what you would like it to achieve. Even if you’re not sure what kind of text might be best for your goals, contact our Lead Copywriter for more information. Let’s work together!


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