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If you want to hire a writer, I’m Jeffrey Bacon, ClicketyClickContent’s copywriter and co-founder.

As an independent copywriter, I personally review every client’s ideas.

I discuss with them how to turn their ideas into measurable goals and set out to achieve them.


Here’s how I usually go about it…

Fill out the form to tell me about your business and ideas.

Questionnaire: Tell Me Why You Want to Hire a Writer

First, as a potential client, you’ll need to fill out a simple questionnaire that I have put together. Your answers tell me about …

your business,

its challenges, and

how to overcome those challenges.

Hire a writer? “ClicketyClickContent Questionnaire”


It’s a short form, but you can tell me as much as you’d like.

Audioconference: What You Expect When You Hire a Writer

Once you send in your answers, we'll have an audioconference.From there, we’ll set up a 15- to 30-minute audio conference with you and your team.

In the online audio conference room, we’ll spend some time getting to know each other. 

We’ll review your questionnaire responses. 

We’ll talk about setting goals that we can meet within a set amount of time.

Hire a writer to help you set up SMART Goals.
We use SMART Goals!

The Writing Solutions Project: Hire a Writer to …

We’ll put together a “Writing Solutions Project.”

If you and I seem like a good fit, I’ll turn your ideas into engaging, well-written, original copy (text) for your website or blog. 

Finally, your, “ok,” ensures that it fits your brand and voice.

The Client Authorizes the Writing Solutions Project when You Hire a WriterReady to Hire a Writer at ClicketyClickContent?

Do you like what you see on our website? Are the links in my writer’s portfolio leading you to text you like? If you hire our writer from ClicketyClickContent will he help your business meet its objectives and goals?

If you answer, “yes,” to these questions, you’re ready. If think your project fits the ClicketyClickContent bug, let’s get started.

To hire a writer, fill out the ClicketyClickContent Questionnaire

Let’s turn your ideas into clean, concise, interesting, original texts. Most of all, let’s meet your business’ goals and objectives.

Tell me about your ideas. While you focus on your business, I’ll focus on your writing solution.

Hire a Writer That Does What Your Business Needs

All sorts of writers help businesses meet copy-writing objectives and goals. Here, when you hire a writer, I can work in the function of a number of types of writers:


A ghostwriter writes text for someone else, who puts their name on the text or uses it as their own creation. For example, The Washington Post reiterated what has become common knowledge: Barack Obama employed the writing of Jonathan Favreau to write many of his speeches. Ghostwriters produce copy for CEOs of companies, influencers, celebrities, artists, and other busy people. Most of our ghostwriting is protected by non-disclosure agreements.

Invited Blog Post Writer

Many companies and other types of businesses and organizations have their own blogs. Many invite niche experts to post on their blogs, as described by Jayson DeMers, in Forbes.

Not all experts like to write, and few have the time to do so. That’s why many will hire a ghostwriter to help them get quality copy to the editors who invite them to post on the company blog. 

Academic Writers

Academic writers publish in journals, in-house academic publications, bulletins, and editorial style research or education blogs or magazines. Some writers who promote themselves as “academic writers,” actually do students’ homework, theses, or other student-assigned projects. We don’t do that kind of academic writing. We do, however, work with busy professionals who need well-written copy tailored to their style and niche publication criteria.


A blogger writes blog posts and, as a full-fledged blogger, probably has something to do with the editorial and content management functions of the blog. That’s how I run ClicketyClickContent’s blog. I also write blog posts for other blogs … sometimes as a listed author … sometimes as a ghostwriter.

Invited Article Writer

When a magazine or online publication, other than a blog, invites me to write an article, I am writing as an invited article writer. Most writing as an invited article writer comes with pay, but you’ll find some of my work contributed voluntarily, without compensation, for charitable causes. 

Financial and Investment Writer

I enjoy financial and investment writing because I like to follow the markets and keep tabs on my own assets. Come to me for material on investment, finance, trading, trading platforms, day trading, swing trading, stocks, cryptocurrencies, and commodity and index futures. 

Website Copywriter

You are reading website copy, and nearly all of my website copywriting falls under non-disclosure statements. ClicketyClickContent’s, though, is fair game. I can certainly talk, via audioconferences, though, about my web content writing strategies, experience, and a few of my clients who have given me permission to discuss, offline, our work together.

Technical Writer

Most of the technical writing done through ClicketyClickContent provides documentation for natural resource managers under surveillance for quality project compliance documentation. Having a strong background in biology, I generally limit my technical writing to areas related to natural resources or Food and Drug Administration (FDA) DSHEA compliant botanical dietary supplement social media copy.

SEO Text Writer / Content Writer

Although an SEO (search engine optimization) writer and content writer are not the same, nearly all the content writing done through ClicketyClickContent I optimize for search engines and human readers. A content writer generates texts with quality reading content. That’s well-written, interesting, engaging text for blog posts, online articles, website pages, and even product descriptions or press releases.

Social Media Writer

A social media writer generates copy for social media platform identity owners. At ClicketyClickContent, for example, we have a Facebook page, a LinkedIn Company identity, and a Twitter identity. They play a minor role in our marketing scheme, but we do take on full-fledged Social Media Marketing [SMM], using HootSuite. Although I have non-disclosure agreements with our client, I’ll gladly talk about how I write and manage social media identities with HootSuite.


Learn more about me, as a copywriter, on my ClicketyClickContent portfolio page or on my Upwork Profile Page.

In addition, if I cannot write your copy, I will gladly suggest someone who can. After all, I want all my site visitors to meet their professional goals. I’ll be glad to help you decide if ClicketyClickContent, UpWork, or another professional writer for hire would work best with your team. 


Finally, when contacting me, please allow 24 – 48 hours, on U.S. weekdays (Mountain Time), for a response.

For non-copywriting queries, please contact our support email:

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