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If you want to hire a writer, I can personally review your ideas. First of all, I’ll set up an audio conference with you and your team. We’ll put together a “Writing Solutions Project.” If you like it, as a professional writer for hire, I’ll turn your ideas into engaging, well-written, original copy (text) for your website or blog. Fill out our Writer Contact Form to Hire a Writer

Together, we’ll craft the words to help meet your business’ objectives and goals because I’ll collaborate with your team. Once I have cultivated ripe, we’ll review and edit it together. Finally, your, “ok,” ensures that it fits your brand and voice.

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  • Do you like what you see on our website?
  • Are the links in my writer’s portfolio leading you to text you like?
  • Can a professional writer for hire help your business meet its writing objectives and goals?

If you want to hire a writer, fill out our Writer Contact Form, below. It’s quick and easy.  

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Fill out the, "Writer Contact Form," to hire a writer today.
Hire a Writer

Let’s turn your ideas into clean, concise, interesting, original texts. Most of all, let’s meet your business’ goals and objectives.

Tell me about your ideas. While you focus on your business, I’ll focus on your writing solution.

Professional Writer for Hire

All sorts of writers help businesses meet copy-writing objectives and goals. A professional writer for hire specializes, based on experience and interests. As a copywriter, I have worked for more than two decades, as a …

  • ghostwriter, 
  • invited blog post writer,
  • academic writer,
  • blogger,
  • invited article writer,
  • financial and investment writer, 
  • website copywriter,
  • technical writer,
  • SEO text writer,
  • scholarly journal and scientific writer and reviewer,
  • bulletin and lead committee editor,
  • FDA-DSHEA compliance writer for dietary supplements, and
  • social media writer and manager (Social Media Marketing [SMM], via HootSuite).

Learn more about me, as a copywriter, on my ClicketyClickContent portfolio page or on my Upwork Profile Page.

In addition, if I cannot write your copy, I will gladly suggest someone who can. After all, I want all my site visitors to meet their professional goals. I’ll be glad to help you decide if ClicketyClickContent, UpWork, or another professional writer for hire would work best with your team. 

Safely Hire a Writer Through Upwork

Unless you came to me as a referral, you have no way to know if ClicketyClickContent is a safe investment. That’s why we work with Upwork, and that’s why we suggest to first-time customers that they first hire us through the security of Upwork.  

Hire Jeffrey B on Upwork
Jeffrey Bacon represents ClicketyClickContent on Upwork.

We recommend the UpWork platform, with its Payment Protection, for our new clients because it provides …

“security and peace of mind to clients and freelancers working together on both hourly and fixed-price projects.”

In addition, the platform has a dispute resolution process. Most noteworthy, it provides businesses with many benefits and out-sourcing opportunities, including our own service. Regardless of whether or not you use our service, we want your business to find the best solutions for your business needs.

Because UpWork charges Service Fees, we add their fees to our total project price. However, if you want to hire a writer securely it’s worth the Upwork fee: safer for you; safer for us.

Visit Jeffrey B on Upwork for a professional writer for hire
Jeffrey B – Top Rated Freelancer on Upwork

If you decide to go to the platform, to hire a writer, be sure to read about my consignment-style pilots. Consignment means that you pay for your product only if you can actually use it. That’s even lower risk on pilot projects

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Finally, when contacting us, please allow 24 – 48 hours, on U.S. weekdays (Mountain Time), for a response.

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